Vacation the Gift that Keeps on Giving -

Family Vacations, these are the gifts that I like to give my boys that keep on giving memories long after the wrapping paper is gone.  I know that we all want to give the perfect gift during the holidays. We search for the perfect toy or the “In” thing.  But what happens  6 or 7 months later?  This month, we had a church rummage. I had the boys help me clean out the house this summer to donate items.  They had more than they needed and realized that we sure collected the “treasures”.  We are lucky enough that our extended family realizes that they don’t need too much.   And it doesn’t help that I have twins that have a birthday a week after Christmas.

Gift an Experience

We have become big believers in not just physical gifts but the gifting of experiences.  The boys get things like gift cards to water parks, or tickets to a concert, or a museum. In fact, last year we took them on a cruise for their Christmas and Birthday gifts as well.  Now don’t get me wrong, they still get some gifts under the tree and to open on their birthday but not the 1001 things that they use to. There is something about making memories that last a lifetime that they enjoy and those memories are worth more than just another toy under the tree.  What’s great is their grandparents, and aunts and uncles get into the spirit as well and “gift” them some of their excursions or give them some spending cash to purchase their trinkets.  

Gift a Family Vacation

Our family started discussing what we were going to do this next year.  My boys wanted to go to an all-inclusive resort this time. So that is what we are going to do.  You see part of the fun is planning the vacation as a family. We discuss where we are going to go, I give them ideas of things that they can do and then I go to work.  I plan every last detail and they pack. Yes, I still make them pack – that’s about it.  I treat them like my clients the rest of the time, so they do get spoiled.


This next year we are thinking of going to the Riviera Maya.  I have to admit that I love the Cancun and Riviera Maya area. Now I just have to get all of the plans in place.  The boys want to go to X-Carat, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and most of all playing pool. Oh, and a great swimming pool is a must for our family.  I think that this vacation I want them to swim with dolphins too. Yes, sometimes I make them go outside of the comfort zone – I want them to do just about everything possible. 

Memories that last longer than wrapping paper

As you will see, this is not only a gift that they will enjoy for just the amount of time that we are gone, but these are also memories that they will have for a lifetime.  Some of the best memories that I have with my parents and siblings growing up are from when we went on vacation. When my Dad passed, we all talked about our family vacations and it brought us joy during sad times.  That’s what vacations do – bring us closer together while we are on them and the memories bring us back together later on.   Truly, that’s what the true gift was of the vacation, not just the vacation during that moment, but the memories all those years later that we cherished, and clung to when we needed it most.

So, that’s what vacations mean most to me and why I want to create a space for my clients to have those types of memories to cherish for years to come. 


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