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I recently found out something very special about holidays in the Dominican Republic, that made me think about one of my favorite holiday specials, “The Grinch”.  The locals say, “There is a feeling of the Christmas Spirit everywhere in the Dominican Republic – even at work. We go out more with our friends and spend more time with our families”.  I think of The Who’s in Whoville singing around the tree together.  

The bond of community is very strong in the Dominican Republic.   On Christmas, they have Aguinaldos, or informal singing parties on their way to their Christmas party.  These parties are not just open to family members but to anybody. And most likely you will even get a cup of ‘jengibre’ or a homemade ginger beverage.  Once everyone has come to the house they will sing carols and dance well into midnight.  

Holiday Traditions

Many of the North American holiday traditions are also celebrated in the Dominican Republic and the decorations are very similar. During the holidays in the Dominican Republic, you will find many festive and adorned big Christmas Trees filled with lights.  The beautiful weather allows tons of poinsettias everywhere.  At night if you go to the Puerto Plata square or ‘La Plaza Indpendcia` you will find a large Christmas Tree filled with lights and decorations.  The Victorian buildings and shops are filled with decorations and lights, you will even find Santa here.  The only thing you won’t find is the snow.  


Another fun holiday tradition in the Dominican Republic is the Fuegos artificiales.  It’s one of the largest Christmas Celebrations, and it’s the Christmas Fireworks – the Dominican Republic welcomes the Spirit of Christmas with Fireworks.  There are stands all over the country who specialize in the Christmas Fireworks.  


Another wonderful Dominican Republic holiday tradition is The Un Angelito or the little angel.  The tradition is that each family member’s name goes into a sack.  Then the family member picks a name out of the sack and gives the individual a small gift they selected each week of the Christmas holidays.  Then on the last day, each of the gift giver’s names is revealed!

Christmas Trees

“Charamico”, wooden handcrafted Christmas Trees in white to represent snow-covered trees, created by artisans, or at least that’s the legend.   Today they have all kinds of wooden trees, stars, and reindeer.  What a great way to see a beautiful Dominican Republic holiday tradition.

Christmas Dinner

The Dominican Republic holiday Christmas Dinners consist of wonderful traditional food.  Including roasted pork, roasted chicken, rice and peas, Russian Salad, Fresh Green Salad, Biscuits and Cakes (Pastries filled with figs similar to Danish)


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a holiday in the warmth with a lot of similar traditions to what you are used to at home without any of the cleanup or work?  Contact me today to plan your stress-free holiday vacation.

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