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Considering a Family Vacation in Punta Cana? Look at these 5 fun kids activities that even the teens will like.

Do your teens roll their eyes at the first mention of a family vacation? Even when you are just asking them what they want to do? I hear this all the time, but I can assure you that it is easy to plan a vacation in Punta Cana that your entire family will love. Okay, you will still get a few groans throughout the trip, but your kids will be having so much fun, they will forget about it for longer stretches of time when you are there!


Choose These 5 Things For Kids to do on your next Family Vacation


5:) Visit Monkeyland


Monkeyland is one of the must-see attractions when vacationing in Punta Cana with teens. Hundreds of squirrel monkeys live within the five acres at Monkeyland and you will have ample opportunities to interact with them during your tour of this attraction. You may want to avoid wearing bright colors when you take this tour because the squirrel monkeys love to try to steal anything bright and colorful!


4:) Go on a 4WD Tour


Almost every teenager will love the bumps and turns of a 4WD tour and there are a few different tour locations that you can choose from. Imagine zooming through the city streets before hitting the sand dunes and other off-road sites that will really get your blood pumping.


3:) Swim with the Dolphins


I do not yet know a child to turn down any time in the water with dolphins, so this type of excursion might rank higher on your list than many of the others. Over in Dolphin Island Park, you can swim with the dolphins or do a little snorkeling with the manta rays and sharks if you feel a little braver. You can also find time with the dolphins over at Dolphin Explorer if you are looking for multiple ways to interact with these creatures.


2:) Hike Through Reserva Ecologica Ojos Indigenas


The Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve contains fifteen hundred acres of space. There are twelve freshwater lakes scattered throughout the forest and a hike along the trails will have you seeing many of them. Along the way, you will discover a sugarcane exhibit, an iguana habitat, and even a petting zoo filled with native animals.

1:) Visit Altos de Chavon


If you want your family to learn more about the people who have lived in the Dominican Republic for centuries, you must take the time to visit Altos de Chavon. This may seem boring to teens at first, but once they arrive and see this replica of a 16th-century village, they will have a change of heart. Time in Altos de Chavon can be spent exploring the archeological museum and the cultural theater. Design aficionados may want to wander through the Altos de Chavon School of Design since it is part of the infamous Parsons School of Design in New York City.


These are the five best activities in Punta Cana that do not involve spending time on the sandy beaches. Your entire family will love each and every one of them during your vacation in Punta Cana and you may finally have hope that all future vacations can be just as amazing. Let me know when you are ready to book because I have a few more ideas when it comes to keeping teens happy on family vacations!


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