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5 Things to Do in Cancun Your Whole Family Will Love


When you think of Cancun, do you only consider the stunning beaches, or do you think of all the adventures you can have there with your family?  Most people only think about the beaches and then cross this destination off their list, because they think their kids will be bored. I can tell you from experience though that Cancun is a part of the world that your kids, even your teenagers, will love!

Explore Downtown Cancun


It is so easy to stay in the area called the Hotel Zone when you are in Cancun, because it has everything you should need for an incredible time.  However, if you want your kids to have more adventures in Cancun, you must venture further out into Downtown Cancun. This area has a plethora of restaurants, as well as shops and the Parque las Palapas.  As you are walking around, you may even have the chance to see Mexican Wrestling before your eyes. And yes, your kids will love that!


Go Snorkeling


One of the best places in the world to go snorkeling is Cancun.  While you can snorkel almost anywhere, I recommend visiting the Underwater Museum.  There are at least five hundred sculptures there and they are all designed to help the coral reef grow and flourish.  You never know what you will be swimming near, but you are guaranteed to see quite a few different marine life species, as well as an old Volkswagen!


Go Ziplining Through the Jungle


There are a couple of different ziplining parks near Cancun and each one will have you flying through the jungle at record speeds.  There are ten ziplines over at Selvatica, while two ziplines with a total of seven different routes for each will be waiting for you at Xplor Adventure Park.  


Go Sailing on a Catamaran at Sunset


You are going to love the romantic feeling that fills the air when you go sailing on a catamaran at sunset.  Your kids might not be too thrilled, but if you wear them out with enough activity during the day, they may be too tired to care!  


Spend Time at Playa Tortugas


Playa Tortugas is the beach where all the locals hang out, so you may find yourself meeting new friends when you are there.  The less adventurous family members can swim or relax on the sand, while those who seek thrills will want to bungee jump from the end of the pier.  At the end of the day, you can walk into a nearby restaurant to grab some dinner before watching the sun setting in the sky and heading back to your hotel.  


These are the five things that everyone in your family will love when you are vacationing in Cancun.  Yes, you will be near, or on the beach, for some of them, but most of them will have you experiencing adventures you may never experience anywhere else in the world.  Give me a call and we can get your Cancun vacation planned in no time at all! 


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