All-Inclusive Family Vacation in the Riviera Maya -

Reasons You Must Choose an All-Inclusive Vacation in the Mexican Riviera for the Entire Family


Have you considered the Mexican Riviera for your next family vacation destination? Years ago, it used to be that adults-only all-inclusive resorts lined the beaches of the Mexican Riviera. However, that has changed with the influx of family vacations and parents’ desires to take their children with them to make memories to last a lifetime.

While you can choose a basic hotel in the Mexican Riviera for your family vacation, I recommend one of the newer all-inclusive resorts that welcome children of all ages. This option will ensure that all your children, including those sulking teenagers, have an incredible time when you are traveling.

Kids and Teens Clubs

All-inclusive resorts always have kids and teens clubs that cater to everything children of those ages want to do. Little ones can spend hours playing with new friends, while teenagers can conquer the latest video game when they are not out learning how to do a new water sport.


No One Will Go Hungry or Thirsty

When you are on vacation, do you get tired of the “I’m hungry and thirsty” game? I know I do, which is why I love all-inclusive resorts! Your entire family can find something to eat and drink whenever they are hungry or thirsty and it won’t cost you any extra money.


Special Events

Most all-inclusive resorts create numerous special events throughout the year, so there is always something to do when your family has a little downtime. You can choose which events interest your family the most and skip the rest if you wish.


Nightly Entertainment

All the nightly entertainment is right on the resort’s property, so you can always leave the teenagers with the younger children and feel safe since you can reach your room in a matter of minutes. Of course, babysitting is also offered at many of the all-inclusive resorts in the Mexican Riviera, so you can enjoy a night out without the kids. The nightly entertainment is often acceptable for children too, so there is no reason why your kids cannot go with you for a little extra fun and a later bedtime.


Plethora of Water Activities

Whether your family wants to swim in the ocean or the swimming pool, you will always be near the water when you stay in an all-inclusive resort in the Mexican Riviera. There are also many different water sports going on every single day, so one child can be swimming while another is learning how to jet ski or playing a rousing game of beach volleyball.


Are you ready to book your all-inclusive family vacation in the Mexican Riviera yet? I know you will have a fabulous time while staying on budget, and no one in your family will complain that they are bored either! Give me a call and let’s get your fantastic family vacation planned right away!


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