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Air travel as you know it is long gone for the moment and everyone is asking what to expect with air travel. COVID-19 has made us all change the way we do things when we fly. While no one has any idea how long these changes will last, we do know we need to deal with them right now. Thankfully, some of the changes are not difficult to accept or deal with. In fact, I guarantee that after a while, you won’t even think of those changes as anything but normal. Unfortunately, one or two of the changes will have you wondering when things will be back to the way they were. 


Fewer Available Flights

Not as many people are going to be flying right away post COVID-19. That means you will have fewer flights to choose from when you travel. This probably won’t be a big deal. It could be though if you are the type of person who only wants to travel at specific times. 


Expect Health Checks when traveling

As you are probably aware, many places are doing health checks before letting you walk through their doors. Well, airlines are no exception. You should expect to at least answer a few basic health questions before being allowed on a flight. 


Increased Sanitation

Airlines are all taking extra precautions when it comes to sanitizing their planes. While there is increased sanitation, it doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. This is one of the scenarios where a few extra items in your carry-on can come in handy. Use those disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer to keep your seat, tray table, and hands as clean as possible during your flights. 



Most airlines are requiring all passengers ages two and over to wear a mask the entire flight. You should also expect to wear a mask in the airport before and after your flight, as well as during layovers.  This is something to expect with travel for a while.


No Food or Beverages Services

You may be used to getting those pretzels or cookies on your flights. However, post COVID-19, you may not receive the food or beverages you are used to on flights. Some airlines are unsure of when they will restart these services. Therefore, it is best to pack a few snacks and fill a water bottle once you clear security. 


Expect Longer Security Lines

The TSA lines at airports are normally long, but it is going to start taking you even longer to get through them now. One reason for this is everyone is allowed to take up to twelve ounces of hand sanitizer per person with them through security. This additional liquid will need to be screened separately, so the time for each person in line will be longer.  To learn more about hand sanitizers going through security, just click here.

These are six changes you should expect with air travel post-COVID-19. A couple of these changes will take some time to get used to, while ones like fewer flight options will be a minor annoyance on occasion. However, these are little bumps in the road when it comes to the end result of relaxing on your favorite beach with family and friends! 

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