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What to expect with Air Travel

Air travel as you know it is long gone for the moment and everyone is asking what to expect with air travel. COVID-19 has made us all change the way we do things when we fly. While no one has any idea how long these changes will last, we do know we need to deal […]

COVID-19, What to expect with air travel


Planning Future Travel What to pack in your Carry-on

Planning Future Travel? What to Start Packing in Your Carry-On for the Best Experience I know it seems like travel has changed forever, but I want to let you know that you can successfully travel with a couple of extra precautions in place.  We both know that an extra set of clothes and all our […]

Planning Future Travel? What to Start Packing in Your Carry-On for the Best Experience


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Do you remember the day after 9/11?  I remember not knowing what the world would be like.  We were all worried about the future of travel. What would it be like to travel again?  Is it going to be safe to be on an airplane?  I’m old enough to remember being a kid and going […]

What About the Future of Travel?


get informed

Coronavirus and Travel The past few months everywhere you have heard of the Coronavirus or Covid-19.  It’s been on every TV station, social media, and just about anywhere that you look.  People have been raiding the stores in purchasing surgical masks, buying up supplies in case they are in their homes, canceling their travel plans, […]

Get Informed


Passports and More What you Need to Know

When traveling overseas, there are so many things to think of, like your passport.  More than just what hotel to stay at or which flight to pick.  Lets look at a few here. Passport   If you don’t already have one, make sure that you apply several months BEFORE leaving.  If you already have your […]

A Passport and More on your packing list


Shores And More


How to get the Resort vacation of your dreams
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